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Baking is an art that combines carefully selected elements to create delicious results. The right balance of ingredients is key to achieving the perfect texture, taste and aroma. Dive into the information on this page to learn more about our selections.

We are happy to answer all questions about our cakes and production

We often receive questions about our cakes. Here you can dive into our FAQ to get answers to the most frequently asked questions, and if you have a question or two yourself, you are always welcome to contact us via the form right here


Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids

On your raspberries Swiss roll you list mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, are these vegetable?

Yes, all emulsifiers in our cakes are of vegetable origin.



Is your range generally suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, as a vegetarian (OVO) it is allowed to eat eggs and there are eggs in the majority of our cakes. Additionally (LACTO), it is allowed to eat dairy products (including butter). There are dairy products in several of our cakes, see the ingredient list on the product.



Is there alcohol in your cakes and in your truffles?

Vedr. Romkugler: Ja, i vores Romkugler/Mint kugler/ Choko-Orange kugler er der < 1% alkohol.
Vedr. øvrige kager: Nej, der er ikke alkohol i alle andre kager



Animal rennet is often used in the production of milk proteins. Do your milk proteins contain animal rennet?

No, the milk proteins we use are produced with microbiological rennet.


Fats and oils

Do you use lard to bake your chocolate muffins?

No, we do not use lard for baking. Only vegetable fats are used and you can read on the packaging which ones.


Color and aroma

Where do your colors and aromas come from?

Colors are mostly natural, but can be synthetic. One color we use is derived from lice. Flavors are mostly natural, but can be artificial.

Our values

This is our goal at Dan Cake

For us, quality and food safety ensure that you always have a great experience when you buy a cake from us. Raw materials are carefully selected and checked. Production is carried out with modern and efficient equipment and under the supervision and control of our employees.


Great taste experiences

To ensure that you as a consumer always get a great taste and quality experience.


Inspiring workplace

That we are inspiring, reliable and that we have a workplace that takes an interest in the individual employee.


High food safety

Ensuring a high level of food safety and maintaining certifications to known food standards (IFS).


Focus on development

To have a constant focus on development and innovation throughout the bakery.


The best ingredients

Always insisting on using the best ingredients with respect for our surroundings.

High quality in our products is always at the top of our minds
Have you had an experience with our products that didn't live up to your expectations? Then we'd love to hear from you.

Go to our complaint form and fill in your details, the MHT marking and lot code of the product and the description of your complaint.